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Indian Institute of Export Management offers a diploma programme in Central Excise & Customs which will develop skills in foreign trade management. This is a four month correspondence course dealing exhaustively with all aspects relating to Central Excise & Customs. At the end of the programme (i.e. after 4 months) written examinations are conducted and evaluated. Those successfully completing the programme will be awarded a Diploma.

The Approach

The students are exposed to a thorough study of the various departments of Central Excise & Customs. Equal importance is given to both the subjects. Further subjects of Interest like Baggage rules, Import of cars etc., are covered. Useful enclosures like Prescribed forms, Maintenance of Books of Accounts & Records etc., are also included.

Detailed Syllabus

There are TWO COMPULSORY papers in this course, one for Customs and one for Central Excise

Subject Name Subject Type Credits

Book 1 : Laws and Procedures

Book 2 : Baggage Rules

Book 3 : Book of Forms

Book 4 : FERA and FEMA

Compulsory 100 Marks
B. Central Exice

Book 1 : Laws and Procedures I

Book 1 : Laws and Procedures II

Book 3 : Book of Forms

Compulsory 100 Marks


Study Material

This syllabus has been designed with the help of highly qualified and competent faculty members and consultants with vast experience in the field of Central Excise & Customs. All subjects required to provide comprehensive knowledge about all aspects of the subjects are covered in the course. Moreover, the course material is written in very simple language, is easy to understand and explains the subject both conceptually and in terms of actual practice.

List of Study Material Provided-
a.)  Customs

  • Laws & Procedures
  • Baggage & Rules
  • Fera & Fema
  • Book of Forms

b.) Central Excise

  • Laws & Procedures-(Book-I)
  • Laws & Procedures-(Book-II)
  • Book of Forms 

Dispatch Of Study Material

Printed study material prepared by the Institute will be made available to the students. The study material will be despatched to you in 2 sets. The first set will be despatched immediately after the last date of receipt of filled application form and fee. Subsequent sets will be despatched at intervals of approximately 30 days.
All material including Certificates and Mark sheets will be despatched by Courier / Registered Post / Express Parcel Service depending on where the student is from.
Rarely, due to postal mishaps, it may so happen that a parcel may not reach the student in time. Any such delay in receipt of the study materials is to be informed to the Institute, whereon a duplicate set will be despatched immediately.

Answering Students Queries

The content in the study material is presented in simple language with utmost clarity and is self-explanatory. In case, however, you have any requirement to seek clarifications on any aspect, you should write to the Institute. Clarifications to such queries would be provided by the Institute at the earliest after receipt of such letters from the students.
For any other clarifications, doubts or administrative problems regarding the conduct of the course,
students can write to:

“The Director,
Indian Institute of Export Management,
P.B. No. 7531,
New Thippsandra,
Bangalore – 560075.”
clearly super scribing “Doubts” or “Problems” on the envelope so the institute can take immediate action.

Address/Change Of Address

It is imperative that the students fill the “Address for Communication” columns given in the Application form with utmost care. This is the same address, which will be used for despatching the study material. Candidates are, therefore, advised to write their address clearly in BLOCK LETTERS. Care must be taken to see that the address is complete in all aspects and that the pin code of the post office is given. It has been our experience that most cases of materials not reaching the students in time have been due to incomplete or faulty address.

Further, any student who changes his/her address during the period of the course must ensure that the new address is intimated well in advance to the Institute along with the date of change of address. This will eliminate the possibility of the course material being sent to the old address after the student has left the place.


Any student who has passed 10+2 / equivalent can do this course by correspondence study.

Career Opportunities

The following are the areas where students get employment.

  • Executives in Documentation
  • Shipping Executives
  • Port Executives
  • All type of manufacturing concerns
  • Tax Consultancies,etc.