At the IIEM, we believe in doing whatever we can to help the business community. That is why, we offer a variety of services to a businessperson like you.

The services we offer range from news to analysis and even business directories, so that business becomes easier for you and the community in general.

Ask Experts

Are you into imports and exports? Do you face any problems? Do you have any queries and do not know where to ask?

Please get in touch with us and we will try and answer your questions.

Individual Services

Are you importing from India? Do you face any problems? Do you want any sort of specialised services? Please get in touch with us.

Website Development

As a business professional, you know how vital it is to have your site on the Web. If for some reason you do not already have your own website and would like to, just let us know.

Our creative and technical web developing team will create interesting and unique, professional websites for you and your company so you can get the Net advantage.